Audio Examples

This page contains audio examples that show the functionality and results of some of the feature modules developed in ABC_DJ.

🔊 Listen here to: “Automated Mix I”. And scroll down for more.

DJ Cue Point Module

The “DJ Cue Point Module” as described in the “Feature Modules” section of the project scope actually consists of two separate modules. Each of these modules represents two steps in a “DJ workflow”:

  1. In the first step the cue-in and cue-out regions with fades are estimated to define the cross-fade phase.
  2. In the second step two consecutive tracks are mixed seamlessly with matching tempo and synchronised beats during the cross-fade phase.

While the first step is carried out during initial track analysis and feature extraction, step two is carried out much later during the playout at the PoS. In the first section of this page you can hear three results of the cue point estimation and in the second two automatically generated mixes.

Cue Point Estimation

To create the automatically estimated proposition of cue regions the HearDis! music experts provided heuristic rules and an example database of tracks with cue points. The rules were then verified with the examples and those rules that could be realised computationally were implemented in an automatic annotation software developed by IRCAM.

The following is a visual representation of the comparison between the cue region created by the IRCAM software (top), the cue region as created manually bay the HearDis! experts (middle) and the original track.
Below each visual representation you can find sound samples, sorted in the same Order.

🔊 Listen here to: Common “A Film Called (Pimp) (Feat. Bilal & MC Lyte)”.

🔊 Listen here to: Future Islands “Aladdin”

🔊 Listen here to: Timber Timbre “Bleu Nuit”

Automatic Beat-Synchronous Mixing

In order to mix two consecutive tracks seamlessly, we decided on the following method: Both songs are slowed down/sped up to meet at an average BPM. After the transition, the song is slowed down/sped up in the opposite direction to reverse the change in duration. To train the algorithm that does this, the HearDis! experts once again provided example mixes (created manually (1) with two turntables and the Ableton Live software as well as (2) in the software MixMeister) which then were analysed to arrive at a computational representation. In the two online Players linked below you can listen to two short mixes created automatically by the DJ mix software component (first tracks and the single tracks contained in the mix (tracks 2 to 5) of the ISP. Further details are to be found in the confidential, scientific deliverable D4.6.

🔊 Listen here to: “Automated Mix I”. Contains tracks which were not used for training.

🔊 Listen here to: “Automated Mix II”. Contains tracks which were used for training.

Pre-Listening Module

The “Pre-Listening Module” is based on the IRCAM-Development IRCAM Summary and was integrated into the frontend audio player of the the novel ABC_DJ tools. It contains a smart algorithm that analyses the structure of a music file and automatically only blends the relevant parts of the song. This allows to listen through a song with maximum speed without skipping or missing important parts.
Furthermore, IRCAM Summary allows us to highlight similar parts of a song visually within the waveform. This further aids the music search process.

🔊 Listen here to: Comparison between track summary and original version.