Recap: The New Shape of Audio Branding

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Paris is always a special city yet it was extra special on the recent ABC_DJ workshop during ISMIR conference. At IRCAM‘s premises, we performed the very first live demo of the advanced tools we engineered over the last two and a half years. We tested our brand-fit music algorithm with audio design agency Sixième Son on its client – French multinational automaker Renault – which revealed impressive results:

This case study really showed the power of ABC_DJ. We have checked the original brand song of Renault. The algorithm says it’s a perfect (brand-) fit. This solution is truly valuable, for instance when agencies need a proof of concept for a brand.” (Andreas Schoenrock, Musicologist, HearDis!).

Sixième Son’s Managing Director Laurent Cochini was also inspired by ABC_DJ’s potential and affirmed that

From now on, the challenge won’t be to deliver Audio Branding. The challenge will be to deliver THE RIGHT ONE“.

Such groundbreaking solutions have been made possible thanks to the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme and the support of our consortium partners such as HearDis!, Integral-Marktforschung, TU Berlin, IRCAM, Fincons, Fratelli Piacenza and Lovemonk.

Stay tuned to find out how ABC_DJ’s disruptive technologies are to impact the realm of Audio Branding as we know it.