The Future of Audio Branding

ABC_DJ was a multi-national EU research and development project composed of seven companies and institutions from five European countries, headed by the Audio Communication Group of Berlin’s renowned Technical University.

The intense research and development phase gave form to preliminary products and services applicable to the multifaceted world of Retail, that sees brands urging to optimise marketing strategies in order to succeed in an ever-increasingly competitive landscape.

To this end, some members of the former consortium are joining forces with strategic partners and securing means to leverage and further advance the prototypes that resulted from ABC_DJ and thus bring them to the market.

ABC_DJ served as the driving force to mould HearDis! from a music agency into a tech-led enterprise, today recognised as the Audio Branding front runner.” – Felix Haaksman (Managing Director, HearDis!)

Our remarkable accomplishments are acclaimed by the industry and the groundbreaking AI-based tools are being integrated into our offering and in new business ventures. As a pioneering company, we see it as our responsibility to drive and share innovations that can empower brands to deliver singular experiences beyond current imagining!” – Robin Hofmann (Creative Director, HearDis!)

So, stay tuned for more… the full potential of Audio Branding is yet to be unleashed!