LovemonkLovemonk SL

Lovemonk is an international consultant specialized in licensing of music, image rights, film and literature. The Barcelona and Madrid based company is an expert in music supervision and rights clearance. Representing artists covering a wide range of styles, from House to Folk, Lovemonk also operates as an independent record label since 2003.

Lovemonk is on the Board of the Spanish Association of Independent Record Labels (UFI) and is in close contact with multinational companies like Universal, Sony and Warner and the international independent music industry through IMPALA and AGEDI (the Spanish Association of Phonographic Producers). Lovemonk also creates musical content for advertisements of Spain’s foremost advertising agencies (such as Publicis and Señora Rushmore), releases compilations, and contributes music for film soundtracks.

With its extensive network of independent labels Lovemonk will serve artist representative in ABC_DJ.