HearDis!HearDis! GmbH

HearDis! is an agency for corporate sound founded in 2005. The agency’s mission is to supply high-quality audio branding solutions and music marketing services to premium clients. In 2007 HearDis! expanded their services to the sector of music at the point of sale (PoS) and soon after could add some high profile brands to the client list and serves now more than 1.000 stores in 25 countries.

The HearDis! team consists of 15 people who are marketing experts, software developers, music producers and musicologists. HearDis! offers a range of options and innovative software applications to help businesses conceive and develop their audio brand strategy: audio marketing products and services that can help to reach new customers, instore music to bring the audio brand to the PoS and music licensing to support various marketing and advertising efforts.

HearDis! developed the Sound Manual, a visual application which individually defines the musical characteristics of a brand and creates the conceptual basis for audio branding activities. Being the musical compass for all marketing activities containing audio, the Sound Manual is a compulsory guideline for a company and its departments, agencies, licensors and business partners. In 2015 the Sound Manual was nominated for the highly acclaimed Audio Branding Award.

The growing list of HearDis! clients includes premium brands like Hugo Boss, Mercedes Benz, Bosch, BMW, Porsche Design, Migros and many others. With its year long expertise in marketing HearDis! will act as creative leader for the ABC_DJ project.

Website: www.heardis.com