PiacenzaFratelli Piacenza SPA

Piacenza is a manufacturer of fine woollen fabrics for the luxury market, based in the Italian textile district of Biella since 1733. The company is a supplier to all world-leading fashion brand manufacturers. The production strategy is based on highest quality standards.

Piacenza produces, inspects, stores, repairs and delivers fabrics with focus on raw material choices, unique styles, and colours. The company cooperates in its production with international fashion stylists and designers. These alliances resulted in hundreds of exclusively specialized fabrics for companies like Gucci, Prada or Louis Vuitton. A huge amount of design know-how and quick flexibility to customer requests are just two other key competitive advantages of the italian fabrics producer.

The fashion brand already participated as an industry end user at the European Union’s research and innovation funding programme FP7. With this experience and the intimate relation to a Milan-based testbed store, Piacenza will play a key role during the evaluation phase of ABC_DJ as a prime brand professional end user.

Website: www.piacenza1733.it