TU BerlinTechnische Universität Berlin, Audio Communication Group

Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) is one of Germany’s largest and most internationally renowned technical universities. The services offered by the university’s seven faculties serve to forge a unique link between natural and technical sciences on the one hand, and the humanities, economic and social sciences on the other.

The university is an experienced coordinator of national as well as international Research and development projects. 18 projects funded within the European Commission’s FP7 are currently coordinated by the TUB as consortium leader. The topics range from nano carbon based components and materials for high frequency electronics to Vertically Integrated Systems for Information Transfer.

As one of the university’s departments the Audio Communication Group is a unique institution in Germany. Research and teaching are dedicated to the communication of music and speech in acoustical and electro-acoustical systems as well as its reception both at the individual and societal level. Topics include electro-acoustic recording and reproduction technologies as well as empirical approaches to study the everyday consumption of musical content via media. These interdisciplinary studies build a bridge between cultural, social and psychological aspects of music communication to computer science and engineering.

With its comprehensive expertise in music communication at the level of technology, perception and society, and with its wide experience in the coordination of large, interdisciplinary research projects, the Audio Communication Group will act as the project coordinator and scientific leader of ABC_DJ.

Website: www.ak.tu-berlin.de